Learn About Ugreen & Their Exciting Phone Stands

Learn About Ugreen & Their Exciting Phone Stands

Ugreen's award-winning product portfolio features a huge online and offline channel network aimed at providing maximum value to its clients via high-quality products and quality service. Every year, Ugreen devotes a significant portion of its revenue to research and development. It's because they place high importance on product innovation and originality. They've established themselves as a global symbol of quality and value. Ugreen's design principles emphasize simplicity, ease of use, and a focus on the user experience. You can also visit website of Ugreen to get a deeper insight into their product range.

Therefore, this article is an elaboration of what you can buy from them. The article depicts various smartphone mounts that you can buy from Ugreen depending on your requirements.

Windshield Car Phone Mount

The suction cup on the Ugreen's car phone mount is exceptionally powerful, and the gel-infused padding has strong sticking power. It can adhere to the car’s dashboard and most flat surfaces. The one-button release method on the automobile mobile phone holder allows you to lock or unlock your phone with just one hand motion. Fits all smartphones with a width of 4" to 7" and the thickest cases.

6 strong magnets cling to your electronics much more firmly than ordinary magnets. It is capable of letting the phone stay on the dashboard and/or windshield of the car no matter how many vibrations it goes through. Its telescopic arm can reach a maximum length of 19cm and pivots on a 220-degree arc without hindering your view.

Bicycle Phone Holder

The X-shaped Bike Phone Holder features telescopic stainless-steel clamps which seamlessly hold phones of various sizes. Furthermore, the bike handlebar mount has a button to lock telescopic clamps, which prevents the clamps’ slippage and ensures your smartphone's safety and stability on uneven routes. Securing the phone on the bike handlebar is the most efficient way for navigation, checking messages, etc.

The Bicycle Phone Holder can be installed and removed without the use of any tools by simply attaching the phone clip to your bike's handlebar and fastening it with the provided bolt knob and anti-slip rubber pads. Rubber pads allow bike phone mount to fit a wide range of handlebars with diameters ranging from 20 to 28mm. Ugreen's bicycle phone holder suits mountain bikes, motorcycles, touring motorcycles, as well as strollers, treadmills, shopping carts, and other round handles.

Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Vent

Ugreen magnetic phone holder is developed with ultra-robust magnetization to adhere to your phone and has four built-in magnets that provide a circulated magnetic field. This mount's base is composed of a high-quality metal steel core with a rubber cover, providing you to securely clamp the vent while insulating the vent blades from scratches. It aids in stabilizing your smartphone in the case of road disturbances or collisions.


Ugreen is geared towards providing optimum output to its consumers, backed by high-quality products and top service, across a broad online and offline channel network. They introduced a number of automobile phone mounts, including the Windshield Car Phone Mount, Bicycle Phone Holder, and Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Vent, which are among the most excellent ideas ever.